Lady Gaga has a heart of gold! The pop superstar leaped into action and launched a creative and fashionable relief initiative (aka bracelets) for the earthquake ravaged nation of Japan almost immediately after the news broke out Friday morning. And it turns out her efforts have proven to be an astounding success, so far.

Gaga recently tweeted that her red-and-white designed rubber bracelets have already raised $250,000 in relief funds for the struggling country in just 48 hours of availability. The similar looking Lance Armstrong wristbands bare the phrase "We pray for Japan" in both English and Japanese, along with an image of her signature monster paw, with the proceeds from each $5 accessory benefiting Japan. The pop star even encouraged her throng of dedicated Monsters to donate a few more dollars if they were financially able.

With already a quarter of a million dollars raised, there is plenty of time for more Monsters to come forward and nab a bracelet and do their part for Japan! What are you waiting for?