Pop divas do bizarre things, like slather themselves in Cheerios in one of their videos, but this one takes the cake on the WTF scale. Lady Gaga is such a huge fan of French signer Edith Piaf, portrayed by Marion Cotillard, who won an Oscar for her efforts in 'La Vie en Rose,' that she reportedly purchased Piaf's clothes, shoes, perfume bottles, letters and … toenail clippings?

Ick! Ew! Gross!

We're not sure why those were preserved in the first place, or why Gaga wants them, but … perhaps they were just part of the deal when acquiring other items.

According to the NME, Gaga' interest in Piaf goes deeper than biological matter.

Her people are also negotiating with the late singer's estate about buying the rights to her first filmed performance and are in discussions with EMI to purchase nine of Piaf's songs, which would be sampled on Gaga's next album 'ARTPOP.'

"Gaga sees a lot of herself in Edith," an insider said. "She, too, was a rebellious character in her era. There's an awful lot of red tape to get through — it's a complicated process. But she's hoping the Piaf estate want to ensure, with her help, that the music can be introduced to a new audience. Considering the size of Gaga's global following, Edith's music will gain a huge new fanbase."

That part we don't doubt, since Gaga could take Piaf's music and reinvent it for the modern era.

But that whole toenail clippings business? T to the M to the I. Not to mention grody to the max.

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