With less than a week before the release of Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way,' more tracks from the album continue to surface. The latest is 'Electric Chapel,' another retro track that recalls an era before many of the singer's Little Monsters were born.

Those heavy metal guitars Gaga promised on the album? They're here, along with a church organ, eerie strings and a thumping synth beat. It's an odd mix that feels like part Meat Loaf, part Human League and part La Roux, and the fact that it can't be easily categorized is a testament to Gaga's creativity.

'Electric Chapel' touches on the religious undertones that dominated 'Judas' and the marriage themes of 'Marry the Night.'

"Follow me, don't be such a holy fool," Gaga pleads. "Follow me, I need something sacred from you / Together we'll find a way to make pure love work in a dirty way."

Lacking a huge, sing-along chorus, 'Electric Chapel' is definitely not a single, but it's proof that Gaga wasn't kidding when she said she wanted to expand her sound with this record. It's hard to imagine any of her dance-pop contemporaries coming up with a song like this.

Listen to Lady Gaga's 'Electric Chapel'