Informed little monsters are familiar with the name Luc Carl and know him as Lady Gaga's on-off boyfriend, with whom she's been off for quite a while since she's moved on with Taylor Kinney. What's known about Carl exists in gossip pages and Gaga song lore, even though many of the details of their love are questioned. Is he the 'Heavy Metal Lover' she sings about on that 'Born This Way' track, since he is reportedly a rock drummer? Did she pen 'You & I' about him, since the lyrics about her "cool Nebraska guy" are pretty specific and Carl hails from the Cornhusker state? Don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

Currently, Carl is forging his own path, indirectly involving Gaga, as he releases 'The Drunk Diet: How I Lost 40 Pounds …Wasted: A Memoir.' Excerpts from this lengthily titled book are circulating. Of course curiosity abounds due to his relationship with the Mother Monster, which ran from 2005 and 2008 and was reportedly back on as recently as 2010 and 2011, which neither party confirmed nor fully denied.

But relax. He is not attacking her, nor is he blaming her for the failure of their romance. A 'Bad Romance,' if you will. In fact, he shoulders the blame. "The break-up with my girlfriend was my rock bottom," Carl, a New York bartender, writes. He continues, "I was f---ing miserable, and it wasn't her fault. It was my fault for being a drunk a--hole. I would have left me, too."

How self-aware of him!

Carl does not begrudge Gaga her fame -- or 'The Fame' -- and cops to being happy for her when she became the biggest pop star on planet earth. However, it did come with a price for him. "I didn't really need my ex shoved down my throat," he said. Well, that's kinda hard to avoid when the entire world adores her and she is on every magazine cover and TV show known to mankind.

It is refreshing to see that he doesn't trash his ex and takes responsibility for the implosion of the relationship. Leave it to Gaga to have dated a man, not a boy. Carl's book lands on March 13. Will you be reading? Sound off in the comments!