It doesn't seem like Lady Gaga and the word "fail" should go together, but alas, everyone makes mistakes, even pop stars. That's why PopCrush is counting down the Top 10 Lady Gaga Fails, from onstage falls to spotlight-stealing alter egos. Don't get us wrong -- we do realize Lady Gaga knows a thing or two about success. After all, she did manage to become an international pop icon seemingly overnight, with tracks like 'Just Dance' and 'Pokerface' launching her into the superstar stratosphere. But even mega-watt pop stars have their "epic fail" moments, too. So, whether or not you're a Lady Gaga fan, we hope you'll enjoy this list -- it's a nice reality check to see Lady Gaga having those "I'm human" moments, and it's also funny to see people acting bonkers.

  • 10

    Lady Gaga Gets Nailed With Bouquet

    Flowers are usually given to show affection and adoration for a special person. However, No. 10 on our Top 10 Lady Gaga Fails countdown proves that flowers aren't always a pleasant surprise. While performing her hit song 'Pokerface,' Gaga nearly got decked in the face with a bouquet of flowers. Luckily, the flower tosser missed her mug by a centimeter, but they almost knocked her shiny pleather hat off her head. It's a good thing Gaga's a pro! She kept on with the song without missing a beat.

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    Jo Calderone Hijacks Britney Spears' Speech

    When Lady Gaga showed up as Jo Calderone for the 2011 VMAs, everyone thought it was quite the original act. However, things got awkward when Jo pretty much stole the spotlight from Britney Spears after she received the Video Vanguard Award, leaving the distracted singer with about a millisecond to thank everyone who has contributed to her more-than-a-decade-long career.

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    Mother Monster Gets Groped

    When you crowd surf, it's likely that you're going to get a couple of unwanted hands giving you a reach around. However, when you're Lady Gaga and you decide to crowd surf half naked, the groping skyrockets to all-time disturbing level. Watch Gaga crowd surf at Lollapalooza and get about a million hands grabbing at seriously unspeakable areas. You might need a shower after this one.

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    Gaga Gets Gross in Dress Made of Meat

    Ahhh, the meat dress. You can't have a Lady Gaga fail list without including Gaga's physical ode to the slaughtered cow. While accepting her VMA for Video of the Year from Cher (which starts at 1:50), Gaga left mouths agape as she sauntered onstage wearing 35 pounds of raw meat. The dress, which almost spoiled, is now housed in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, where it is more of a jerky dress. Either way, it's still pretty disgusting.

  • 6

    Ouch! Gaga Smashes Dancer in the Face

    Nothing hurts worse than getting whacked in the mouth, and one of Gaga's backup dancers knows this feeling far too well. While performing back in the day -- and by back in the day, we mean pre-'Born This Way' -- Gaga was so into the song that she actually hit one of her backup dancers in the mouth with her microphone. It looked like it hurt really bad, and Gaga noticed right away, as you can see from her "oh s----!" expression. Hopefully, the women smoothed things over after the show.

  • 5

    Gaga Goes Crazy With Epileptic Piano Solo

    Woah! Slow down there, tiger. Sometimes Lady Gaga's creative energy absolutely overflows, and sometimes the result of this abundance of artistry is unbridled craziness. While pounding on the piano at one of her Monster Ball shows, Gaga went a bit cuckoo, as she slammed on her piano keys like she was having a fit. Are you OK, Gaga? Do we need to get the paramedics? This seizure-esque piano solo lands at No. 5 on our Top 10 Lady Gaga Fails.

  • 4

    Lady Gaga Crashes After Piano Climb

    High heels + climbing on things = a bad idea. While singing 'You and I' live, Mother Monster decided to channel her inner gymnast by attempting to balance her stiletto-adorned feet between her piano keys and her bench. However, the balancing act went terribly wrong, leading to fail No. 4. Gaga went crashing to the ground and even let out an exclamatory "Ouch!" as she hit the floor. Despite this, Gaga made a quick recovery. We're just happy she didn't fall in the opposite direction, which would've landed her smack in the middle of that flaming piano.

  • 3

    Gaga Is on 'The Edge of' Boring

    Are we the only ones who were incredibly disappointed with the video treatment Gaga's epic, anthemic track 'The Edge of Glory' received? The Google Chrome commercial that featured the song was more riveting! We're so used to Gaga's outrageous, extravagant and often themed videos, that the 'Edge' video felt like we were watching a shuffleboard tournament with our grandparents. Granted, the costumes in the video are amazing as is the late Clarence Clemons' sax solo and overall presence, but we were mostly left unsatisfied with this clip.

  • 2

    Mother Monster's Egg Arrival

    We're not sure whose fail is bigger for this one -- Lady Gaga for showing up in a damn egg, or Ryan Seacrest for actually trying to interview her while she was incubating in the "vessel." At No. 2 on our Lady Gaga fail list is her infamous egg arrival at the 2010 Grammy awards. Everyone had their eyes peeled during the entire red carpet ceremony to see what kind of shocking outfit Gaga would wear, but most were left scratching their heads in confusion when she rolled up in an egg statue, which was carried by some burly half naked men and women. This is truly theatrics gone awry.

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    Gaga Performs Scary 'Poker Face' Rendition

    Remind us again when screaming wildly into a microphone counted as singing? If you're not in a hard rock or metal band, it just doesn't work, as Lady Gaga displayed for viewers worldwide. While performing an acoustic and very unique version of 'Pokerface,' Gaga nearly blew out our eardrums when she decided to replace her normally beautiful high notes with a series of blood-curdling screams. Gaga's wacky 'Pokerface' performance received some hilarious editing courtesy of the World Wide Web, including the addition of some horses and dogs barking in the background. Woof, indeed.