Lady Gaga launched her first fragrance, Fame, this fall, and like everything Ma Monster does, it was anything but standard.

It's the first-ever black fragrance. It is black in the bottle, but sprays on clear, which is a matter of chemistry and engineering. Gaga shared some of the intimate details of Fame, like how she applies it, why she chose the name and why she'd like to be selling a smell and selling a song. She also spoke about why she is happy, and how her state of mind applies to her work.

In a chat with Allure, Gaga revealed that she puts perfume on immediately after showering, when still wet, so she can customize her scent. She puts the perfume on "while water is still on my body and while I'm putting my lotions on, because then all of the smells sort of infuse together. And actually that was built into the way this fragrance was structured."

She wanted Fame to be black for a deep reason, and that's because only the pretty parts leave the bottle. "I like black because it is a vacant space," she said. "It is not an invisible ink. There is nothing happening once it hits the air, it's never black when it leaves. So I'm not going to tell you how we do it, but the darkness stays inside the bottle, and out comes only the beautiful parts of fame."

Gaga christened the scent Fame since people would recognize it. Remember, she is trying to sell a product here, so visibility and association are key in getting little monsters to plunk down cash on it. "It's something that is associated with me, but its also quite funny because it's quite Warholian," Gaga revealed.

Mama Monster also addressed selling a scent and selling songs, sharing that "I would quite like to sell my album with a f---ing bottle of perfume. So what I'm trying to explain to you is that it's not that people don't want to buy music—it's that they don't know where to go to get it. Now, if I were to put an album out in all of those places where this perfume is sold, that would be quite revolutionary for the music business because it would change the way that people buy music."

Gaga also expressed that she is finally happy. We think her BF Taylor Kinney might have something to do with that. She also explained how her mental state affects her work.

She said, "As of a few months ago, I feel that I've started to create some great things. So when I'm feeling good about my work, I feel happy. When I'm feeling not good about my work, I feel miserable. And I've recently given up drinking—well, I haven't totally given up drinking, but I've given it up quite a lot and it's made me a much happier person. Really happy all the time."

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