Little monsters are a dedicated, thoughtful and creative bunch that demonstrate unwavering dedication to their fearless leader. They've decided they will spend an entire day celebrating Lady Gaga's new 'Marry the Night' single.

The worldwide contingent of monsters has organized and come up with a plan. The monsters have designated Dec. 20 as 'Marry the Night' day around the world... So what's it all about?

Well, to help the Mother Monster achieve another smash hit single, the monsters are encouraging fans around the world to download the song at 4 PM local time on their country of origin's iTunes.

Fans can download the song here, if need be. You can also visit the Facebook event page to learn more details if you need 'em.

If you already own a copy of the song, be it in digital or physical form, it ain't no thing. Little monsters encourage you to buy it again anyway and gift it to a friend. That's a legit idea, since Christmas will be five days after international 'Marry the Night' day and it would make for a good present. Plus, you can never have enough Gaga in your life.

Overall, though, if the song rockets up the iTunes chart as a result of this organized acton, you will have had a direct hand in it. So do it for Gaga.