Joe Germanotta – that's Papa Gaga to little monsters -- is planning to open a restaurant in New York City. He will name the restaurant 'Joanne,' in honor of his late sister, who died at 19 from lupus. Little monsters are familiar with Joanne, too, since Lady Gaga's full name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, and she always speaks about feeling a connection with her late aunt.

Of course the eatery will serve Italian-American food! Gaga has spoken at length about her traditional Italian upbringing and feasting on pasta dinners at her home, so the restaurant will specialize in such cuisine.

New York reports that the restaurant will hold court at 70 West 68th Street, the former location of Vince and Eddie's. Mr. Germanotta plans to open the space around Thanksgiving. Word is that Art Smith, a celeb chef who has cooked for Oprah and appeared on 'Top Chef Masters' will be the chef at Joanne. Smith offered up a cryptic statement when asked if he was cooking to be a part of Joanne; it's neither a yes or a no, so it's anyone's guess as to whether or not he has signed on for this establishment.

Now little monsters in the Big Apple have a new place to mangia restaurants! It wouldn't shock us in the slightest is Gaga showed up at the eatery's grand opening. In 12-inch heels and some sort of couture garb.