Lady Gaga has shared a previously unbroadcast clip from her 'Fame' perfume film, which originally aired in September. The "new" clip came prefaced with a warning: "The use of violence in this film is a comment on the duality of fame" and it states that luxury can propel vanity into dangerous places.

Okay, so Gaga is not advocating violence but commenting on it, since it exists. That's understandable. Ma Monster felt compelled to advance the footage with the warning so that people know that she is not condoning violence.

In these 42 seconds of this previously unseen footage, Gaga, dressed in all black and wearing a blond wig a la Michelle Pfeiffer in 'Scarface,' fires a gun and plays shoot 'em up. There's lots of glass cracked by bullet holes. There is a body count and it's of men. Take from it what you will.