If she can create the world's first-ever black perfume, she can build a "floating" house in Greece!

Lady Gaga is reportedly building a home in Greece that will appear to float in the sea. The property is reportedly being erected on a piece of land that she purchased in Crete last year and is supposedly costing Mother Monster several million bucks in construction costs. She can afford it, though. She landed in the top five of the annual Forbes list of highest grossing celebs under 30.

A source told The Daily Star (quotes via Contact Music) that the abode is "going to be absolutely phenomenal when she's finished with it.'' The crash pad will be butted right up against the water and appear to float. If people want to get a peek at the crib, they will have to do so by boat. It's like an island unto itself.

The optical illusion home will reportedly have a tennis court and two pools, too. Gaga is also allegedly planning to have a palace and a church over in Europe.

Gaga has made no secret about the fact that she's essentially homeless and has no permanent address other than her parents NYC apartment while she traipses across continents on tour. It would be nice to see her put down roots, if she has indeed commissioned a house to be built in Greece. It's worth a mention that Greece is close to Italy and we all know about Gaga Germanotta's strong Italian roots.

We must admit for a hot second, when we thought of construction workers building a house for Gaga, we imagined the little men that crawl all over her body in her first Fame fragrance print ad laying concrete and hammering nails for the skeleton of the home!

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