Former Lady Gaga producer Rob Fusari has reared his head again and he's making some negative waves. To be specific, Fusari is planning on releasing some unfinished Gaga tracks from the 2006 and 2007 era.

Little monsters may recognize Fusari's name, as not only the producer on 'The Fame' but also as one of the singer's ex-boyfriends. Fusari has also slapped Gaga with some previous lawsuits. Now he has an axe to grind and he's doing it publicly, via Twitter. To be honest, a lot of his comments sound like stuff you hear on the playground during recess amongst fifth graders.

First, Fusari promised he'd be leaking several unreleased songs. It got little monsters psyched to hear these tunes, like 'Glitter and Grease.' But as Fusari continued to tweet, he began attacking Gaga, her fanbase and talking about the mysterious Lina Morgana -- an artist who died and whose act Fusari claims the Mother Monster copied.

It's messy stuff. Gaga apparently does not want these songs to go public and that was part of her legal battle with Fusari. She reportedly settled with him so that the would essentially shut up and leave her alone. A Gaga fan site has speculated that Fusari is releasing these tracks in order to hurt Gaga, since the quickest way to wound her is via her music.

You can follow Fusari's torrent against Gaga via his Twitter feed. You can also watch the video that compares Gaga with Lina Morgana below.

Our perspective on the matter is that this is a common situation in pop music. When someone becomes a superstar, like Gaga has, people from their past come back to haunt them and hurt them, simply because they may have the tools -- or weapons -- to do so. Fusari clearly wants to try and take Gaga down and whether or not that has something to do with some personal or professional beef, it's not cool. Gaga has earned her fame.

It's entertaining to read his tweets, which are somewhat immature and where he deals with the wrath of little monsters. We sorta want to say, "Rob, let it go. Move on." Gaga fan sites are urging little monsters not to share these songs, since they don't want to upset Gaga and help Fusari in his quest.

Watch the Lady Gaga +Lina Morgana Video