Lady Gaga brought a hearty dose of visual and emotional drama to the French TV show 'Taratata,' where she was able to take 'The Edge of Glory' to the next level, in terms of theatrics.

Gaga performed several songs on the show, including 'Hair' (where she played a piano draped with follicles and a rendering of the Eiffel Tower behind her, to which her own Rapunzel-length braid was tied) and 'Born This Way' (she rocked menswear, sporting a suit and a short blue bob which reminded us of Madonna circa the 'Vogue' video). You can view all three songs below, but it was her gorgeous rendition of 'Glory' that grabbed us by the jugular and wouldn’t let us go.

She played piano, with her hair tumbling down her body in long blue waves. She had "Monster" written in script along the length of her arm, and "Paris" across her chest plate. She had Cookie Monster blue eyebrows and wore a beret, which is pretty much the nationally approved head accessory of France. Her face was marked with black dots, too.

The performance of 'The Edge of Glory' was, well, glorious. It was extra-emotional, where every note and key was weighted, given the recent passing of Clarence Clemons -- who contributed his sax solo to the song and got a shout out from Gaga here. Gaga took off her beret at one point and began to tear up. We'll admit. So did we. She finished the song waving her arms in the air.

She greeted the host, placing the beret on his head. She also said she loves French people, fashion, music, men and women in her interview segments. But she also celebrated being able to perform on 'Taratata,' because "it's such a theatrical environment and I am a woman of theater." She also joked that it was the perfect place for her to take her clothes off.

Gaga also thanked the French for their ability to communicate via the universal language of pop music.

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