Lady Gaga appeared on France’s edition of 'X Factor' this week to perform a mash-up of her 'Born This Way' songs 'The Edge of Glory' and 'Judas.'

The pop diva appeared on stage atop a raised platform, donning long aqua locks -- her color of choice these days. She manhandled a full-size keytar, throughout the first part of her performance, setting it aside after hitting the chorus of 'The Edge of Glory.'

As she segued into 'Judas,' the singer quickly stripped down to a barely-there outfit, complete with matching black bra and thong. She and her dancers banged out a tight choreography routine, and wrapped up the show with the hit single.

"Thank you so much for how you have been so much of a support and love in my life," she said to the audience after the performance. "All I wanted to do was write an album that you loved and I'm so happy that you do."

When asked if she had anything to say to her French little monsters, she replied, "Keep being yourself and loving who you are, and I will be back soon, la France."

Watch Lady Gaga Perform 'The Edge of Glory' and 'Judas' on France's 'X Factor'