Lady Gaga is one of the most beloved public figures of the modern era, but even she encounters a tough crowd every now and again. Like babies.

The Daily Mail reports (and posted some hilarious photos) of Gaga trying to cuddle a fan's baby. The blond and blue-eyed tot, named Loissa, was terrified when her parents placed her in the Mother Monster's arms so she began to fuss and try to escape. That's not an uncommon occurrence, since little kids often get scared or shy when in the presence of strangers. Little Loissa was no different, even if her parents foisted her into the clutches of one of the most famous and kind-hearted divas out there.

Gaga met little Loissa upon exiting the ITV studios in London. She had just filmed an appearance on 'Alan Carr: Chatty Man.' You know, the interview where she reveals she relieves herself in trash cans due to her constricting stage attire. Gaga, dressed somewhat conservatively in green, gold and black stripes while wearing massive black sunglasses and a big-brimmed hat, held the baby, who was wearing a holiday-influenced red and white outfit. Gaga graciously posed with Loissa, who quickly showed her fear. The paparazzi flashbulbs and general fracas that follows Gaga may have also scared the tot, too!

But at least now we have a visual of Gaga as Mother Monster. Literally.