Terry Richardson continues to share photos from Lady Gaga's latest leg of her Born This Way Ball world tour, which further endears him to little monsters. He posted Gaga wearing turbans and more in Finland earlier this week and now, in the latest images from Sweden, Gaga is cloaked in fur, which doesn't look real, and turbans. And pink. Lots and lots of pink. She's also wearing turbans and beehive hairdos.

Gaga's interest in millinery has been intense lately. She's wearing a pink, saucer-shaped hat, as well as pink turbans. She's feeling those headwraps lately. She's also into bouffant buns with volume at the crown.

But her love of headgear isn't all that stands out in these images.

Notice the side boob she shows in one of the black and white shots. It's semi-NSFW, but it's also very soft (but not softcore) and there's nothing vulgar about it, simply because the shot it s so candid.

Mother Monster is flanked by her old pal Lady Starlight while on a plane in one shot, and shows off those impossibly high heels and a massive couture bag in another.

The image to the left is Gaga's take on Old Hollywood glam, reminding us of the dames of the major studios like MGM and 20th Century Fox.

Hey, little monsters that read PopCrush faithfully, what's your favorite of the new batch of Terry Richardson photos?