During the post-MuchMusic Awards press conference, Lady Gaga was asked about something she's always been extremely vocal and supportive of: Gay rights. When a member of the gay press addressed Gaga's involvement in fighting for equality for the LGBT community, she admitted that she does not consider herself a general in the battle, but that she is more of foot soldier, saying, "I would say that I am just part of the voice."

She also said that she accepts the fact that despite her genuine efforts, not all gay people look to her as the crusading Mother Monster who will serve as the warrior on the front lines. "If some people don't want to be defined by me as their mother, that's wonderful," she declared. "I don't view it in that way. I view it as being part of the generation, not as the leader."

Gaga's commitment to and association with the gay community goes back many years, which strengthened her desire to do her part to foster equality. She continued, "I've always had gay friends and I have been very involved in the gay community since I was young and I feel a moral obligation to defend my fanbase and make the world a better place."

Such a weighty topic aside, the consummate fashionista also revealed that when she eventually takes some time off from music – probably a whole 365 days, sometime far down the road -- she would love to get her hands dirty by creating her own fashion line. Gaga said, "I would love to have a line, quite honestly I would love to have a line where I could stop making music for a while, maybe a year, and really devote my time to it."

Gaga quickly followed up that proclamation by saying that's a way's off, since she is so enamored with the act and business of songwriting. "But that's not going to happen for a while because I'm really obsessed with songwriting right now -- I'm already writing new music," the 'Born This Way' singer said.

Little Monsters can breathe a collective sigh of relief.

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