Somebody get her a pair of fur-trimmed or 14 karat handcuffs!

There are few pop stars as dedicated to their fans as Lady Gaga. The Mother Monster got political in her tweets during a Q+A session with her Little Monsters the other day, promising that she will fight to help legalize gay marriage even if means she has to chain herself to the White House.

Of course, the Mother Monster, who has cultivated a large LGBT following, is speaking metaphorically. She is working to get her little monsters excited to vote in the upcoming, ever-important presidential election, and she will work tirelessly, using her fame to help advance this cause.

When a monster asked what she was going to do for the gay marriage cause, she posted: "Chain myself to White House singing 'Bad Romance' on repeat."

Whichever candidate takes the White House and wins the seat in the Oval Office would no doubt love hearing that.

Gaga also reminded monsters to be empowered and educated when it comes to the election. She posted: "Use my timeline. Be youth empowered, know it's ok to have different views but educate one another."

She also reminded them to "fight for your freedom by communicating. This is the time we should all be using to debate each other + inform ourselves no matter what our differences; this is an important election."

Hear that, little monsters? Use your voice. It counts.

You can follow her string of politically-minded tweets at her 30 million-followed feed, which is here.

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