Lady Gaga is about to embark on her 110-date, Born This Way Ball world tour on April 27. You needn't be a mathematician to figure out that the Mother Monster will be on the road for a substantial chunk of time. How does that distance bode for her budding romance with Taylor Kinney?

Well, he is a working actor and can easily immerse himself into his job. But his lady love is ensuring that he has a constant, not to mention cute and furry, reminder of her while she is entertaining legions of little monsters the world over. She has gifted him a stray cat.

The Sun reports Gaga thinks the kitty will keep her in the forefront of his mind. Uh, Gaga, we're sure your man doesn't need any sort of symbol to remind him of you, since you are unforgettable. We could spend a lifetime trying to forget you and would fail miserably. Even so, the feline is a cute emblem. Paws up!

An insider said, "Taylor loves cats." That, combined with Gaga's desire to give the stray, which she named Polly, a home, made this a perfect parting gift.

The source added, “She has given the pet to Taylor so he can love it forever and really cherish it." Aw, how cute.

Gaga will hit the road on April 27, performing the first show of the tour in South Korea. This concert has an age restriction, meaning that the powers-that-be instituted a rating so that no one under 18 can attend. Poor Korean little monsters who aren’t of age. Sucks that they are missing out on what will no doubt be a killer event.