Lady Gaga would be nothing without her little monsters. She'll tell you that proudly. When she sat down for a chat with Huffington Post Black Voices (via AOL Music Blog), she revealed how she would invite her bullied fans that waited for her by her tour bus inside her vessel and give them cocoa, treats and a supportive ear.

Gaga's social responsibility truly extends beyond her art. She revealed that when fans began sharing their stories with her, she realized that they were not that much different than she.

"I would stop outside the arena and take pictures," she said about how she interacted with fans on the Monster Ball. "If it was cold out, I'd invite 30 fans on the bus and give them hot chocolate and Cheetos. They'd tell me, 'My dad kicked me out since I am gay.' I've met fans that were beat up outside school or had to move high schools because they were teased for being fat. They shared their stories and I realized how like them I was."

She also said that she will never, ever abandon her fans. She declared, "It's not like 'Thanks for buying my record, f--- you.' I will live and die and breathe my work and my art to protect your dreams because you protect mine."

Gaga, draped in layers of gold chains and extreme, square-shaped black sunglasses with a low cut black halter dress, also believes that she has a deep connection with fans and said that there is room at the inn for everyone! "There is nothing exclusive about what I do, about the music, about the approach, about who is invited to the party," Gaga said. "Everyone is invited to our party. There is no group or lifestyle that I don't sing about."