Lady Gaga is spending the holidays in Japan and the singer has caused quite a stir each time she stepped out in public. After dining at Shabu Shabu, Gaga the gold digger was mobbed by little monsters of the Asian sort. Gaga put her paws up, with futuristic, black and gold clawed gloves, hence the gold digger reference. Cue the Kanye West song.

Gaga's gilded outfit was short, puffy, bright and tassled -- complimented by her platform black leather booties. Her super-long, platinum blond wig hung down to her knees, which were bare and stocking-free. Gaga's been rocking black shades on the regular and red lipstick, and she is taking the trend with her to Tokyo. There's no doubt that Gaga will pick up some fashion tips from the locals while she is traipsing and toggling around.

Gilded Gaga continues to rewrite the rules of fashion wherever she goes.

Even though she is halfway around the world and away from her native land and family, she is preparing to gift little monsters globally with a brand new song on Christmas Day.