Lady Gaga has the Midas touch and wants everything she lays a digit on to turn to gold, since she wore goldfingers to the Oct. 7 launch of her Fame fragrance at Harrods department store in London while being escorted in a golden carriage.

Either that or Gaga wants to upstage Adele to be a Bond Girl, since 'Goldfinger' is a famous film in the 007 franchise. Or maybe she wants to be an MLB player and win a Gold Glove award for her defensive efforts on the field.

We could do this all day, since the accessory offers up plenty to pun about.

Nevertheless, Gaga looked like something out of "The Terminator,' wearing a futuristic gold contraption, with long and pointy fingers, fitted to her hand.

The gold-encrusted "glove" covered most of her left hand, which is interesting since the Ma Monster is a southpaw, and if she was going to be signing autographs at the event, a chunky accessory such as this certainly would make writing a difficult task.

We can't even imagine trying to reapply lipgloss or wipe something from her eye with that glorious and improbable contraption on her hand.

She also wore a cluster of gold on her wrist as a bracelet.

Her blinged out statement accessories were wisely paired with a simple, sleeveless black dress and her Louis Vuitton brown hair, which was thick and voluminous, and looks to have some red and golden undertones.

The overall styling of Gaga's launch event attire, including her winged eyeliner, had an Amy Winehouse quality to it, which doesn't surprise us, since Winehouse was from England. Maybe this was Gaga's way of paying homage in a subliminal way, by looking Winehousian for a moment, while in the late singer's hood?

She also thanked all of her fans for attending the Harrods event. What do you think of Gaga's goldfingers, PopCrushers?

Watch Lady Gaga Arrive at Harrods in Golden Carriage