Hot on the heels of her can't-stop-watching-it Google Chrome web browser commercial (during which she wears her signature heels), Billboard reports that Lady Gaga is in talks to be the new face of Google Chrome laptops that will be available beginning June 15. Word is that Gaga is negotiations for an endorsement deal in the $10 million range. Essentially, Gaga, who has a deal with Polaroid to launch a new range of digital products, would hawk this piece of machinery.

Despite the recent Gaga/Google collaboration for the much-buzzed-about TV spot, there have been several Google-related Gaga rumors in the past, such as the company's plan to launch a cloud-based music service the same day that 'Born This Way' was released as part of an exclusive tie-in to the service. Needless to say, that particular event never happened.

However, given the nature of Gaga's intimate and instant online connection to her loyal legion of monsters, her mastery of the digital sphere and how brilliantly she used social media and the world wide web to promote 'Born This Way,' the higher ups at Google would be smart to snatch her up and finalize a deal on the quick. It's a win-win, as Gaga offers a direct link to millions of fans (and potential customers!)

Watch Lady Gaga's Google Chrome Commercial