Lady Gaga went green in London recently and we're not talking about her environmental stance, either!

It's already an established, undeniable fact that the Mother Monster can always be counted on to push the fashion envelope and she did just that in her bright green outfit!

She was recently snapped leaving ITV studios in the Southbank area, where she filmed an appearance on Jonathan Ross' talk show. She was photographed signing autographs for fans.

The green pantsuit in which Gaga was decked out certainly reminded us of The Riddler from 'Batman.' She topped off her outfit with a hat that had dollar signs sprouting from the base. It was, in a word, charming!

Gaga's accessories were the statement makers in these shots, complete with those supersized, rounded sunglasses covering  a big portion of her face, too.

Another standout feature of her look was her orange lipstick. She certainly has no fear of color.

While you are at it, check out those dagger-like nails, too. They may be painted a soft shade of mint green, in keeping with her ensemble's color motif, but those things are sharpened to a point and look like weapons. Gaga could do some damage when she puts her paws up with those.

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