A fashion film starring Lady Gaga debuted at designer Thierry Mugler's fashion show in Paris yesterday. If you weren't there, no need to weep, gnash your teeth or throw your hands up in defeat, as a special edition of the short film (it's about three minutes) is now viewable.  All the little monsters unable to hop planes to France can absorb Gaga in all her grill-wearing, pig-tailed glory!

Gaga appears in the first minute of the clip, with two high ponytails on the side of her head and a buck-tooth grill that looks to be bedazzled with diamonds. Her teeth are glamorous but they look intentionally funky and widely–spaced. Her hair is bangin', though, as it's a mix of colors and textures ranging from blond to black to gray, thanks to long extensions.

Gaga looks directly into the camera and speaks, saying, "Sometimes, my heart sometimes feels so black ... And other days my heart feels like rainbows." There's one shot that boasts three Gaga heads, too. The sprouting of extra heads reminds us of her V Magazine cover.

Then there are the Mugler models, who strut their stuff on the catwalk in nude and white garments with deconstructed cutouts in all the right places. There are leather ensembles, too. We half expect to see Gaga wearing these outfits on the next leg of the Monster Ball tour.

Even when surrounded by statuesque models, Gaga is still the most interesting thing in the room, er, on the screen.

Watch the Lady Gaga Thierry Mugler Fashion Film