First Justin Bieber, then Justin Timberlake, then Miley Cyrus and now Lady Gaga. Ma Monster will host and serve as the musical guest on 'Saturday Night Live' on Nov. 16. She also revealed the artwork for her single, 'Dope.'

Gaga has performed on 'SNL' twice before, so this marks her third time as the musical guest. It's her first time taking the reigns as host.

We have to admit, since the Lady Gaga persona is so powerful, will she be able to perform her skits without distracting the viewer? Will the audience be able to suspend disbelief and accept her as an actress playing characters, as opposed to thinking, "Look, it's Lady Gaga and Bobby Moynihan."

We're thinking she'll do JUST fine! She was awesome, if incredibly Gaga-esque, in the '3-Way (The Golden Rule)' skit with Timberlake and Andy Samberg on the season finale back in 2011.

But back to this creepy cover art! 'Dope' is the final song to be released commercially before 'ARTPOP' drops on Nov. 11. The track will be available at midnight on Monday, Nov. 4; she tweeted those details here.

Those are some bunk and busted teeth. Ick! The jacket, with its statement shoulders, is decidedly Gaga. But those chompers? Weird! She also looks like she is bruised on her thighs. It's nothing, if not an arresting image of Ol' Lady Gaga.