Donna Marie Trego spends tens of thousands of dollars to look and dress like Lady Gaga, but it's all business expenses, since the Welsh woman is a Gaga impersonator.

Trego, 38, performs globally as Gaga and admits to being mistaken for the real thing here and there. She spends loads of cash on wigs, outfits and dancers. Clearly, she takes her Gaga impersonation seriously.

She made the outfits at first but her wardrobe has ballooned to 40 costumes.

Trego revealed that being Lady Gaga isn’t easy, saying, "I didn't realize the time and effort I would need to dedicate to this to make it work. There's a lot of Gaga lookalikes and it's really competitive."

That competitive nature has caused her to shell out more cash. She has spent the equivalent of approximately $115,000. Obviously, she wasn't born this way.

"I could have put down a deposit on a nice house, but instead everything I earn goes back into my act," she said. "I'm a perfectionist, everything has to be a certain way."

Gaga would be proud!