She has already conquered America and Europe, and Australia and Japan, but Lady Gaga is intent on world domination. The Mother Monster made her debut on the Indian circuit, gushing about local culture on India's 'Most Desirable Show,' which is hosted by former actress Simi Garewal. Gaga is planning to arrive in the country in October; she also addresses the rumors about her coming to India because of monetary issues. Hint: They are false. This interview for the talk show was pre-recorded in Singapore and aired on Sunday.

According to Billboard, Gaga gushed, "I have seen a few Bollywood films and I love how theatrical they are, and that's my favorite part -- that they are so surreal and full of fantasy." Since Gaga has said that she straddles the gulf between reality and fantasy at all times, it would make sense that she loves Bollywood culture, which is the Hindi language's film industry.

Gaga doesn't just love Indian films. She's crazy about the cuisine too! "I love Indian food. I love spicy curry. I used to eat Indian food in New York," she said.

Garewal told the audience, which is used to having guests live and in-studio for these chats, that Gaga had 15 interviews on the day she sat down with Garewal but that Gaga "changed her hairdo and makeup for every single one of them." That should come as no shock or surprise to little monsters and even casual Gaga watchers, since she is known for her costuming.

But Gaga also acknowledged Garewal's personal sense of style, saying, "You are so stunningly gorgeous. We all gasped when you walked in." In keeping with Gaga's status as an icon of fashion, Garewal gave her a lehenga, which is a traditional gold and sequined Indian skirt. She also gifted the singer with a DVD of choreographer Farah Khan. Gaga promised she would watch it that night.

Gaga also spoke about the pitfalls of fame, saying, "I'm lonely and married to loneliness ... But artists are supposed to be lonely." Hear that little monsters? Be sure and give Gaga a hug next time you see her.