Lady Gaga's June 3 gig in Jakarta in Indonesia -- at a 52,000-seat venue, no less -- was canceled when the permit was revoked due to hardline, extremist Muslims opposing the show. There is a smidgen of hope, however, that the show will go on.

According to Ace Showbiz, Big Daddy Productions, the gig's promoter, tweeted that they are fighting the good fight in hopes of reinstating the permit and thus the show. Company spokesman Arif Ramadhoni told AFP, "We are still in the process of finding a way to do it, and we ask for everyone's patience and forgiveness for the trouble."

Another employee, president director Michael Rusli, indicated that the permit was not outright denied, saying, "Our permit application process is still ongoing. We will update again as new developments occur."

He continued, "We have received a lot of input and comments -- both positive and negative -- from different parts of the public. We appreciate the feedback and will digest it over the next few days. It is also our intention to provide clarification, if necessary, to any misinformation."

While the peeps at Big Daddy maintain a positive outlook, it may be all for naught, as the national police, who caved to the pressure of the extremists who believe Gaga is a threat to the nation's morality and revoked the permit as a result, maintain that the permit is not going to be granted or re-granted.

Spokesman Saud Usman Nasution declared, "We still deny the organizers the permit. The Jakarta police have said they do not recommend the Lady Gag performance here, and they are the ones responsible for security, so there's no way around it." The local police detail has said that it cannot guarantee Gaga's safety or that of little monsters.

The show was slated for the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium. All 52,000 tickets sold out in two weeks. 2000 extra tickets were released on Monday (May 14), to meet demand.

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