Lady Gaga may be recovering from hip surgery and off the road, but she remains in the news. The Mother Monster was dealt a crushing blow last summer when she had to cancel her show in Indonesia due to a sect of religious extremists threatening to intercept her at the airport and to cause trouble at her show if she played it.

The group didn't even want her on its soil, much less performing there. The Islamic Defenders Front suggested it would send 30,000 members to give Gaga a scare. The show was sold out, but Gaga could not entertain that faction of monsters due to the threats. She actually chose to cancel the show for safety reasons.

While we thought that dramatic incident was in the rear view, a lawsuit has been drafted as a result.

Live Nation LGTours, Mermaid Touring and Atom Factory, which are Gaga's tour promoters, tour company and management firm, are suing insurance provider Lloyds of London for failing to enforce a "terrorism policy."

This clause means that Gaga would be entitled to compensation for lost income as a result of shows that had to be canceled or forfeited due to "the sole and direct result of Terrorism and/or Sabotage or Threat."

Wow, such a thing exists?

Well, actually, it makes sense for artists that tour in other parts of the world where such issues are a real and credible to protect themselves from these types of loss.

Gaga couldn't do her job through no fault of her own and shouldn't have to financially suffer for it. Like the rest of us, she lost a wage that was covered by insurance and wants to be compensated for it.

Gaga and her peeps want at least $75,000 to cover the loss, plus punitive damages for breach of contract. Essentially, she wants to be paid since that part of the policy was not enforced.

The lawsuit is likely necessary since Gaga took quite the hit to her Hermes pocketbook when she canceled the Born This Way Ball tour to have surgery. That led to ticket refunds, lost merch sales and more, meaning her accounting books don't look too good right now.

It's a smart move to address situations where she is owed money, since she sorta needs to collect right now.

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