Will she or won't she? That's the billion dollar -- or 52,000 seat-sized -- question when it comes to Lady Gaga's canceled June 3 show in Jakarta in Indonesia. Will she tone down the show to appease the protestors in order to have the permit reinstated?

As of right now, there is no real clear cut answer.

The 52,000-seat venue was sold out but the permit was pulled when an extremist religious sect threatened violence and chaos if the show went on. Lady Gaga intimated that she may perform her Born This Way Ball show without her salacious dancers via a cryptic tweet, which lead the media to speculate that she might alter or tone down her show to comply with local mores and standards.

Promoters even suggested that they had spoken to Gaga and that she understood the need to adhere to the country's moral codes, which might mean changing her set up.

Not so fast, says her manager Troy Carter.

Her career guider told the AP (quotes via NME.com) that she will not be altering or toning down her stage show. If it means that she can't perform in some countries, so be it. Carter said that the Mother Monster "plays the show as it is" and that she is not "provocative for the sake of being provocative."

Gaga is sticking to her guns, refusing to stifle her creative expression or the freedom to entertain as she wishes. Carter has a point, since Ma Monster is not being provocative to get tongues wagging. Every move she makes is measured and holds weight, and is done for a reason.

Still, Carter's words sound definitive, while Gaga's seemed to indicate that she might be open to switching up the show. Guess we'll have to wait and see. As of now, the Indonesia show remains canceled.

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