When the 'Marry the Night' video premiered last week, everyone was talking about Lady Gaga's 13-minute mini-movie, which is an autobiographical video retold and relived through the artistic lens. In a recent exclusive video chat with VEVO, Gaga spoke about pushing the limits of art in this video and on the follow up to 'Born This Way,' which she is currently working on.

In the second part of the three part interview, Gaga said, "I generally loathe reality. But I don't believe this moment between the two of this is real. I think this is a performance." She considered the sit down chat a performance because of lights and camera. She continued, "I am working on my next record, pushing further and further in my mind, how can I more intensely and more perversely challenge myself. What is a real stage and what isn't?"

Gaga got incredibly esoteric and artistic in her discussion with VEVO, explaining how she wanted the video to be linear and structured in the first segment, but to twist things and explore horrific notions beyond that. She explained, "It was about in this video creating that perfect modern image of something I am no really and destroying her, as I felt destroyed. But the thing that is so different about how I am now and how I was then is that anytime something broke apart, I blamed it on my self. I continued to that now. But when you are young, your naivete is something that works in your favor."

Gaga made a revelatory statement when finishing her point, proving the notion that she is enamored with the art of delusion and divorcing herself from reality. She said, "When you get older and wiser, being delusional tends to not be so great for you. As an artist, delusion is the greatest gift you can bare. How much can you get away with? How delusional can I really be?"

Gaga, sporting geometric bangs, deep matte plum lipstick, black sunglasses and a taupe and tailored dress with elbow-length gloves, spoke at length about "recapturing that day" without giving anything away. It's clearly up to the viewer to interpret, like any work of art.

As director of the video, she was careful in what type of angles she selected, and how she paired imagery. She says she thought about Christian Louboutin shoes, which any fashionista knows have iconic, red soles. Gaga said, "They've never given an epic fashion moment so I have a the tail lights of the Trans Am echo the bottom of the shoes."

She also spoke about the serendipity of the rain during the shoot. She said, "It rained for real that day. That's not fake rain. There were all these explosions, thunder and lightning. They said, 'Gaga, we might need to shut the set down.'" That's when the director in her took over. She said, "We got free rain. Roll the camera and turn the lights back on. If it breaks, I'll pay for it. Shoot that s---. It's amazing.'"

Gaga also said that her mom was upset about the explosions in the video and crying, since Gaga didn't use a stunt double.

These interviews feature a thoughtful, serious and artsy Gaga.

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