Lady Gaga clearly has an appreciation for high fashion, and now the pop star is putting that passion into her new job as an intern for designer Philip Treacy.

Gaga and the British hat designer are perfect couture match. Treacy is responsible for the buzzworthy chapeau Princess Beatrice wore to the royal wedding, as well as the show-stopping chartreuse feather hat that Sarah Jessica Parker wore to the London premiere of 'Sex and the City' in 2008.

According to Us Weekly, the out-of-the-hat-box designer revealed that Gaga will be learning from him sooner rather than later. "She plans to [do an internship with me]. She's already visited me," he said.

Naturally, the visit became a scene. He explained, "This is what happened: One Monday morning, four burly bodyguards arrived — Lady Gaga's security team — to check out the security of the building. I looked at them as if to say, 'What?! Who is going to take a pot shot at Lady Gaga?' Anyway, she is young, talented and peculiar — which I like."

Gaga's segue into fashion isn't a surprise. The singer is known for her wild stage costumes and outrageous everyday ensembles, including a veiled look she debuted in Australia earlier this week. She joins the likes of many celebs, who have parlayed their musical success into the fashion world, including Gwen Stefani, Justin Timberlake, and most recently Kanye West.

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