Lady Gaga went hog wild at the iTunes Wireless Festival in London yesterday (Sept. 1).

You can watch the entire hour-long performance above. It's actually an hour and 11 minutes, but it's worth every second. The performance reportedly cost over $500,000 to pull off and it was weird, experimental and simultaneously un-Gaga-like and totally Gaga throughout. Our heads were spinning, but in the good way. There was so much going on.

Mommy Monster kicked off a month of free shows at the Roundhouse in the U.K. and her gig was a lot to process. Luckily, you have PopCrush to break it down for you.

During 'Swine,' she wore a white top and short, shaggy black hair while smashing away at her drums as white banners with the words 'ARTPOP,' 'Swine' and 'Applause' hung around her and some sort of astronaut type dancers. The song is hard and angry, both sonically and lyrically, as she barks, "You're just a pig inside a human body / You're so disgusting."

'I Wanna Be With You' is a piano ballad, with an aching lyric "I don't wanna grow up." With her red lipstick smeared all over her mouth, Gaga barely got through the song without pausing to process her emotion. She'd rather be poor and happy than rich and alone, and she says it in the song, which might be about a lover or her precious little monsters. It was cute when she said, "Thanks for taking me back" to her fans mid-song. She wept by the end. We grabbed a Kleenex, not gonna lie.

For 'Applause,' she costumed up in heels, a top hat, an exotic skin shrug and a pipe. She changed costumes and was drowned in confetti. At this point, the song is familiar.

'Aura' is what we thought was 'Burqa,' with its spoken word delivery. She wore a black wig with bangs and her face was obscured. She danced barefoot. She blew our minds.

The perf found Gaga plunging headlong into new territory. Strap yourselves in.

Watch Lady Gaga Perform 'I Wanna Be With You'

Watch Lady Gaga Perform 'Applause'

Watch Lady Gaga Perform 'Aura'

Watch Lady Gaga Perform 'Swine'