Lady Gaga's concert controversies are far from over. The hardline group Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) plans to have six members of the organization send fans away if they flock to her planned concert in Jakarta, Indonesia this June.

“Muslims are ready to close down [the concert]. She has 60,000 people in the audience, while six will be enough for the FPI. They will disperse,” FPI Jakarta branch chief Salim Assegaf said, according to the Jakarta Post. That certainly sounds ominous.

The FPI takes issue with "skin revealing" artists like Gaga coming to the country and performing, and in their eyes, corrupting the citizens. He accused Gaga, a well-documented Catholic, of being evil and having the ability to bulldoze her way through the country and strip it of its values. "She's bringing the faith of Satan to our country, as opposed to progress. She will destroy the nation’s morals," Assegaf said.

Assegaf said he would send FPI members to intercept Gaga's arrival at the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, too. He said, "You can be sure about that. We will be dispatching local FPI members especially from nearby units, such as the FPI Tangerang and the FPI Banten."

This sounds scary! We hope Gaga steps up her security detail surrounding this show. She is scheduled to take the stage on June 3.