Lady Gaga was one of the key performers at the Jingle Ball in New York City last night (Dec. 9). The Mother Monster recalled a previous stint on the annual holiday gathering of pop stars on one stage, saying, "There were a whole bunch of superstars and no one knew who the hell I was," as she played her Christmas-tree shaped keytar for 'Just Dance.' Only Gaga can make a keytar in vogue. And my, she has come a long, long way. Now, everyone knows who she is.

Gaga wore a white blonde wig with bangs throughout the show, but changed her outfits several times.

While performing 'Marry the Night,' she was draped in a hospital gown, once again nodding to the video and its now-famous breakdown scene. Her dancers were also dressed in hospital gowns. It was very clinical and consistent.

For 'The Edge of Glory,' the stage was full of Christmas lights and motorcycles, the latter of which have been a recurrent 'Born This Way' theme. Remember the 'Judas' video? Gaga was riding on the back of an outlaw biker's cycle. She also performed 'The Edge of Glory' in a slinky, glittery outfit, while perched in a Christmas tree. Yes, we said "in." She performed in the middle of the branches and needles of an evergreen. She was the ultimate Christmas ornament, albeit clad in black leather.

She also performed 'Judas,' dancing her toned a-- off.

The highlight of set was her performance of the empowering title track of her latest album, with Gaga dancing in an embellished black bra and panties, complete with some decorative silver accessories. She engaged in more than a few crotch grabs, too.

Gaga also took on 'White Christmas' and sang it just like she did on her Thanksgiving special. She Gaga-fied the holiday classic. She said it stops too short, "like a really bad orgasm." It's worth noting that she was sitting with her legs wide open when she said that.

She added to the lyrics, singing, "I'm dreaming of a 'White Snowman'," creating a new verse. She also hugged a Christmas tree at the end, since real trees come at such a premium in NYC these days.

Gaga definitely sexed up her performance of a holiday standard, laying on her back on the motorcycle, with her boots high in the air, calling out Santa suggestively and seductively.

It was typical Gaga, with a holiday sheen.

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