Lady Gaga channeled the heart of Nebraska when she performed her latest hit, 'You and I,' amongst bales of hay on 'The Jonathan Ross Show.'

The pop star showed audiences a new side of herself when she donned a pale green slip and blond hair for her farm-inspired performance. "Love dearly my talented and wonderful Haus. Very proud of this piece," she tweeted along with a video link.

Gaga sang the 'Born This Way' track in low lighting with a group of back-up dancers, who wore the same satin slip their Mother Monster chose for the appearance. The women began the performance on mattresses that were placed on top of hay bales, and used deliberate and fluid dance moves to accompany the love song.

The 25-year-old also sat on bales of hay during her interview with the British talk show host, while joined by her special guest, Kevin the Ram. But Gaga's antics weren't without reason. "It’s all about going back to his home town," she said of 'You and I,' "and in the video there is a beautiful scene in a barn." Leave it to Gaga to give new meaning to "farm fresh."

Watch Lady Gaga Perform 'You and I' on 'The Jonathan Ross' Show