Lady Gaga is living it up on the Born This Way Ball tour. The Mother Monster hit the karaoke bar in Tokyo and fraternized with Japanese little monsters, who gifted her with homemade items.

She wore a black, studded bodysuit that would set off airport metal detectors and cause you to lose an eye if you stumbled towards her, leopard or studded platforms (we can't quite tell) and fishnets.

Thankfully, her pal Terry Richardson was there to capture it all and share it with the global monster legion.

Gaga sang "I want your leather-studded kiss in the sand" in 'Bad Romance' and she certainly wore a heavy duty leather studded outfit while doing karaoke. She's rivaling Judas Priest singer Rob Halford for the most studs and leather on a single item of clothing.

Take a peak at the gifts that the little monsters made for her. They are so cute and feature Gaga-centric symbols -- like unicorns, dagger nails, crosses and more. There's never been any question that the little monsters are a creative bunch, but their dedication is inspiring. It takes a long time to make crafts such as these.

The Mother Monster may be far, far away but she feel so close to home, thanks all of this photographic evidence.

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