Lady Gaga spends her life entertaining her fans, happily so. But now that she is holed up and recovering from hip surgery, which forced the cancellation of her Born This Way Ball in the U.S., she has come up with a clever way to occupy herself. She purchased 27 koi carp fish to entertain her.

For those times when tweeting to her millions of followers or posting on her Little Monsters site or writing music doesn't do the trick to stave off boredom, she can watch the fish and study their swimming, behavior and mating patterns…we think!

The Sun reports that Gaga installed a tank in her house, close to her bed, so she can watch them while she heals. She reportedly had the beautiful fish shipped in from Japan.

"Gaga said she’d had a dream about the fish so she had her team source some koi and set up a massive tank," a source said. The marine life wasn't cheap. She allegedly shelled out $60,000 for the aquarium.

We hope Gaga heals up and quick, so that she can let the fish swim and do their thing, and so she can get back on that stage and entertain us, stat.

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