Lady Gaga is a spokeswoman for MAC Cosmetics' Viva Glam line, which donates 100 percent of the proceeds of the Viva Glam range of lipsticks and Lip Glass to AIDS research.

In this latest (and very classy) black and white promo for Viva Glam, Gaga's blond hair is teased into a massive beehive bullet at the back of her head and she is wearing extreme, winged black eyeliner. But her big hair and intense makeup have nothing on the towering platform heels she is wearing.

The super stylish (if a little high and impractical for the average woman) heels are black patent leather ankle booties that effectively turn Gaga into a stilt walker. They are perfectly paired with her short, sleeveless black dress.The dress, at first glance, is muted, by Gaga standards. But upon closer inspection, you can see how intricate it is. It also never competes with her heels!

In the intro, Gaga taps her makeup artist on the butt as he applies cosmetics to her face.

Next, Gaga is lounging on a couch at the shoot with Haus of Gaga stylist Nicola Formichetti when she says, "I have always loved the Viva Glam campaign and always admired that it brings together fashion and lifestyle, as related to helping people and bringing people together to promote awareness, especially now since we are focusing on women. I think it's a nice way to talk about AIDS awareness. I feel blessed to have been a part of it."

Formichetti tries on a shade of lipstick, which is described as a "universal beige." Gaga calls it sexy; he deems it manly! Gaga also reveals that she notices her little monsters and their makeup skills, saying,
"I love to see the fans with makeup. They are so good at it. I see lips and think, 'I am going to steal that.'"

See little monsters, even you can inspire Gaga with your cosmetic application skills. Maybe your makeup tricks or looks will end up on Gaga's face someday!

Watch the Lady Gaga MAC Viva Glam Promo