Lady Gaga doesn't seem like the laundry doing type, except when she is posing in priceless couture for a Vanity Fair photo shoot. That's when she makes a boring task appear to be utterly glam. However, it looks like the singer is shacking up -- literally -- with her BF Taylor Kinney and enjoying the domesticity that comes with it. Gaga, who claims to not have a home and who couch surfs at her parents and in hotels, spent Monday (Jan. 16) doing a doldrum household chore: laundry! The couple also did a little food shopping, too! Aw, how romantic of 'em.

Gaga was once again spotted at Kinney's So Cal beach house and The Daily Mail got the shots of Gaga all sorts of dressed down with her blond hair knotted in a ponytail. She was wearing a one-shoulder, drapey black top and black sunglasses. There's hardly any makeup on her face, unless she was rocking au naturel, nude-hued lips. PopCrush is sorta digging Gaga looking all laid back.

We couldn't see her feet in these images, but she has said repeatedly that she will never, ever let her little monsters see her sans heels, so we bet that's what was on her feet! No flip-flops for Gaga, even while at the beach, doing laundry, or at the grocery store.