No good deed goes unpunished. Lady Gaga has settled the lawsuit that was dropped on her lap as a result of the rubber charity bracelets she designed and sold on her website as a fundraising effort after the earthquake and tsunami that rocked Japan in March 2011. You can see the bracelet on Gaga's wrist in the photo above.

A federal class action suit was filed, claiming that the bracelet promotion was misleading, since the site claimed that all proceeds would go directly to relief efforts. The suit accused Ma Monster of jacking up the shipping charge and adding sales tax. She denied any wrongdoing and made no profit from the shipping charges. But in the end, Gaga chose to settle by making another donation.

The suit claims that the shipping, handling and tax charges were "additional funds." Really? So how was she supposed to get the $5 bracelets, which featured her signature monster paw and the phrase 'We Pray for Japan,' to the buyers? We're not legal eagles by any means, but that sounds ridic to us.

According to Japan Daily Press, Gaga raised $1.5 million for the victims in Japan via the bracelets, but a Detroit attorney insisted not all the money went to victims. Blah blah blah.

Rather than drag this out in the courts, Gaga took the high road and donated $107, 500 to charity for the victims. She has such a pure and caring heart.

Gaga has done plenty for Japanese relief efforts. She auctioned up a lipstick-stained tea cup from which she drank at a presser in Japan last year. It nabbed $75,000 for the cause.

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