Normally, Lifetime movies are schlocky, women-in-peril melodramas that attract a more mature audience, but the network has been turning its programming around as of late. The network is developing a biopic based on the life of Lady Gaga. It'll be called 'Fame Monster: The Lady Gaga Story.' Little monsters will certainly want to tune into Lifetime to watch this biopic if and when it gets made. Right now, it's in the development stages, with a casting call having gone out!

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that if the film is indeed picked up and gets made, it will follow Gaga's life and times, from her humble days as Stefani Germanotta to her meteoric rise. It will also chronicle her early career as a singer on the Lower East Side of her native New York City and her launch to becoming the biggest pop diva on earth!

This biopic could go many different ways. We think that if the film gets the green light, the casting director should consider having two different actresses portray Gaga. One should play Stefani, the other could play Gaga. Wouldn't that be against the grain and unexpected? It would also further enhance Lifetime's creative direction and reputation, as well. However, if they go with one starlet, whatever actress that is lucky enough to step into Gaga's 16-inch heels will certainly benefit from having this role on her resume.