Little Monsters might envy Lady Gaga's urban upbringing in New York City and her background certainly informed much of who she is today, as well as influencing the art she creates. However, while growing up, it wasn't always optimal. In fact, the Upper West Side apartment in which she was reared had no doors, so she often heard Ma and Pa Germanotta knocking boots.

According to The Sun, Gaga said, "My parents' room and the one I shared with my sister were on the top floor. There are no doors on the bedrooms. My parents could hear everything me and my sister said growing up. And I heard them too!" The walls had ears in Casa Germanotta.

While that might seem like TMI and generates an image we don't normally like to think of pertaining to one's parents, Gaga does divulge everything to her fans, except key details about her own sex life at this point. Gaga also said she loves being with her parents and fears domestication. "I just don't have a home. I stay between my friends' places and my parents," she admitted.

Gaga's a couch surfer? Sounds like it. She must store all of those heels and costumes.