Lady Gaga's faboosh leather and gold-plated wheelchair isn't the only designer mode of transportation the Mother Monster is rolling around in! While she recovers from the hip surgery that forced her to cancel most North American Born This Way Ball tour dates, she can enjoy another luxurious wheelchair, one that is decked out with the famous Louis Vuitton logo.

You didn't think Gaga would have just one wheelchair, and that her "backup" would be anything less than haute, now did you? This is Gaga we're talking about! She also makes no secret of her love for the French fashion brand, as she dyed her hair "Louis Vuitton brown" over the summer.

The singer surfaced on her 27th birthday, which was yesterday, March 28. She was in Chicago to see her boyfriend, Taylor Kinney, so they could further celebrate her big day. Gaga was surrounded by her crew, which helped her to get around in her swagged out wheels.

She reportedly dined at Spiaggia in Chicago with Kinney for an early bday dinner on Tuesday. At that dining sesh, she was reportedly rolling in her "other" rock star wheelchair, which was inspired by a leather jacket and a motorcycle, and boasts both black leather seats and gold hardwear.

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