While Madonna's inclusion of 'Born This Way' on her MDNA tour may leave a little to be desired and not worthy of a full, reasoned response from Lady Gaga, shock rocker Alice Cooper's cover of her signature anthem has been met with praise by the Mother Monster.

Cooper covered the song at Bonnaroo last weekend, changing the lyrics a wee bit while keeping the spirit of the original in tact.

Cooper told BANG Showbiz (quotes via Ace Showbiz) that Gaga reached out to let Cooper and his people know she was a fan of his rendition. ''Gaga loved it, she emailed us -- she's in Australia right now -- and said she loved it," Cooper said. "I just thought it was such a great track, and the lyrics, 'My momma told me when I was young / She did my hair and put my lipstick on,' for Alice Cooper to sing that, it's funny.''

He also admitted that he elected to offer his taken on 'Born This Way' because he wanted to reach fans of a younger demo. Smart move! ''We figured 15 to 25 was probably the average age out there, and I was thinking of a song that would be of their generation, so I said, 'What about 'Born This Way'?' Because that song could be a rock song, it just needed a different attitude," Cooper said.

That's what makes it a great song – it can hopscotch across genres and sound amazing when interpreted by a non pop star!

Cooper was also quick to point out that the monster-like staging was not "making fun of" the Mother Monster, but a matter of tipping his hat to her. Cooper is a pioneer of rock 'n' roll theater, much like Gaga is the queen of the theater of pop music, so they are kindred spirits in that sense.

He said, "We have this 14-foot Frankenstein that we use in our show, and I said, 'Dress up the Frankenstein like Gaga,' and have that come out at the end with the big blonde hair and the curlers and the dress.' The the audience loved it, they absolutely got it.''

So did Gaga. Cooper's cover was done in good fun and was paying homage. It had creative elements, unlike a certain pop diva who mashed it up next to a song called 'She's Not Me' in claws out fashion.

Watch Alice Cooper Cover 'Born This Way'