Madonna's brother Christopher Ciccone is all about reductive fashion! Ciccone, who is his sister's former artistic director, says that Lady Gaga would be best served by copying his sister's sense of style more. Say what? Turns out Ciccone thinks copying the Material Girl would make Ma Monster more accessible to her fans.

Madge's little brother designed the stages for some of her most memorable tours, like Blonde Ambition and the Girlie Show. They eventually fell out and he wrote a tell-all, so it's not like Ciccone is all, like, the cap'n of Team Madge in the epic battle between these two pop divas.

Since he has made a living in the style biz and now designs shoes, Ciccone offered his tips on what Gaga can do differently, which she can of course take or leave. Madge probably isn't thrilled about that, since she constantly talks crap about Gaga biting off her.

"What I would do with Gaga is stream it all down and get rid of all the crap and make her a real person," he boldly said. "It's cool on some level, but when you start out massively way over the top, there is nowhere to go. You get stuck there and you disconnect from the audience. You become this freak on the stage."

What he is ignoring, though, is Gaga's embrace of fame as art, and being on a whole other level with fame is what makes her the biggest pop star of her time.

However, Ciccone also pointed out that Madonna's style has endured for a critical reason – her fans could copy her looks easily by shopping at the mall. It's not like little monsters can head over to Hot Topic to grab a meat dress or 10-inch stripper platforms.

"You have to remember what really made Madonna really popular is that girls could dress like her," he pointed out. "You can’t dress like Gaga, only on Halloween perhaps. It's a really big part of being a performer, getting your fans to follow you. You have to evolve. At one point with Madonna, it was time for the tights to go."

Gaga isn't the only person whose style he assessed. He has his eye on Kelly Clarkson, simply because he thinks she has no style.

"I would love to overhaul Kelly Clarkson," he said. "I would certainly give her a style. She needs something. The girl's got an amazing voice; it's just the girl comes onstage dowdy and there is no particular look to her. She could do so much better."

Thank you very much, Christopher Ciccone.

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