Lady Gaga is recovering from hip surgery in style. The Mother Monster, who is wheeling around on a black leather and 24-karat gold wheelchair, tore her hip, likely from the outrageous and physically rigorous dance moves that she does while performing, and the way she twists and contorts that body of hers. Even though those bodily gyrations caused her to have to cancel the Born This Way Ball, she won't change or alter her routines or how she does things in order to prevent further injuries.

That Gaga... she's such a trooper.

Vincent Herbert, one of Mama Monster's managers, chalked up her injury to that old "stuff happens" excuse. It's inevitable when you are as active and intense of a performer as Gaga. He told The New York Daily News, "She works really hard and things happen."

Ain't that the truth!

He also said that she will be back in typical Gaga form before you know it. When asked if her dance moves and style will remain in tact, he said, "Exactly. They’ll be there."

Well, that's a spot of good Gaga news. We hope she's getting better and stronger as each day passes.

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