Lady Gaga appears undaunted by the protest of her show in the Philippines as she arrived in Manila in style. And black leather. The Mother Monster caused a frenzy when she touched down at the airport and when she left her hotel in Taiwan, pink wig and all. It's as though she expected such a reaction and had to dress for the occasion.

At the airport, her black leather dress looked like it came roaring out of the '80s, with major shoulder pads and a collar surrounding her head. She completed the outfit with sky high heels and a genie-like blonde ponytail that flipped and protruded forward. That had to hurt her head, with all that weight and pressure pushing forward.

Notice, in the photos, she is blowing a kiss to her little monsters and –gasp! -- she has short nails. Guess she needed a break from those impractical yet fashion-forward, oval-shaped daggers she is known for. She has said she'll never be seen without heels. She never said anything about a manicure!


Watch Lady Gaga Arrive at Airport

Watch Lady Gaga Leave Her Hotel