Lady Gaga's much-heralded performance of her new single 'Marry the Night' on the U.K. version of 'X-Factor' did not disappoint. On Nov. 13, Gaga performed most of the song with some sort of headless appendage attached to her shoulders and towering over her own head. It was odd, unexpected and oh-so-very-Gaga. It was though she had sprouted a second head.

She began the song obscured. We could hear her but not see her, which is a convention she has utilized in live TV performances in the past. It's a smart strategy, since it allows her voice to always be paramount to whatever imagery and stage props she makes use of.

Last night, her face was a bit hidden, but we could see her long, blonde waves and pale pink lipstick outlined by dark lip liner. She looked to be encased in some sort of confessional type structure, as there was a cross above it. The Catholic school education reared its head once again in the Gaga-verse.

There were plenty of dancers and lots of lights flashing on the darkened stage, but there were a scant few visual snippets of the Mother Monster. Anticipation was at an all-time high when she appeared, with a floor-length black cape draped around her shoulders, and a headless torso attached to her shoulders. It was like a Siamese twin of some sort, without a head, but plenty of bling around its neck and sporting a black lace dress. Only in Gaga's world is a prop as glamorous and fashionable as she is.

It must have been heavy or precarious, since Gaga did not move much with this, um, appendage attached to her. She stood and sang. Her ability to dance her ass off was hampered by the extra weight.

She moved off stage and came back, sans the other half, and got her groove on in a black, long-sleeved, lace body suit and knee-high boots, with long voluminous waves cascading over her shoulders. That was another brilliant move - she danced just enough to leave us wanting more.

It was another thrilling Gaga spectacle. It was musical theater at its finest.

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