Lady Gaga is a warrior queen, to borrow lyrics from her new single 'Marry the Night,' which she performed passionately on the MTV EMAs on Sunday (Nov. 6). The warrior queen must have a suitable dwelling and/or stage set up, and for Gaga, at this event, it was a moon. Not one made of green cheese, either, mind you!

Gaga performed most of the song while lying on her side, since dancing and strutting her stuff in her heels on a spherical shape would prove difficult and dangerous at once. Gaga began with her face obscured by a huge blue hat while wearing this red pleated outfit that circled her body and ended up behind her head, as well. It was quite geometric couture and oh-so Gaga!

After two minutes of performing while laying down, she stretched her legs out, kicked her heels and hopped to her feet, singing while standing on the moon. Walking on towering, massive, skyscraper heels all these years sure has taught the Mother Monster some deft balancing skills, since she teetered ever-so carefully on the moon and didn't slip once. Applause, applause.

Gaga tossed her hat off and her long blonde ponytail fell out and across her shoulders, but for the most part, her movements were limited. There were dancers, but Gaga was the sole moon walker. She didn't do the actual moonwalk, though! We were expecting her too. It would have made sense, right?

Gaga came down from her moon about four minutes in and danced with her crew in a red top and skirt, each of which were very short and very tight. All in all, another out-of-this-world performance courtesy of Lady Gaga.

Watch Lady Gaga Perform 'Marry the Night' at the MTV EMAs